Based at Kingdom of Morocco





            Preparing for a TV shoot can be pretty stressful. You’ve got budgets to manage, cameramen and editors to hire, and a whole slew of locations, sets, props and pieces of equipment to keep track of. MIRAITOURS can take the responsibility to bring together all necessary elements to ensure a good photo shoot whether you wish to spend a series of days shooting, organize a TV shooting or a private photo-shoot session we will make sure that all aspects of the shoot run smoothly taking into consideration your budget as well as your prerequisites for the location.



       MIRAITOURS can arrange inception to factories in MOROCCO to enjoy a fascinating experience. There are plenty of factories, hidden in and around the capital just waiting to be discovered. If you are interested our guide will escort you on pre-arranged tours. These tours can be for individuals or for groups’ you will be given the opportunity to see samples and enjoy a fascinating presentation about the Factory and its history.